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Miriam, Daniel and Me by Euron Griffith

The Blurb

When he smiled it really did feel as if the chilly Caernarfonshire wind had stopped for a few seconds and as if the place had suddenly got warmer.

When Miriam fell in love with Padraig life seemed simple. But soon she discovered that love is a treacherous business. Everything changed when she met Daniel. She was taken down an unexpected path which would dictate and dominate the rest of her life.

Spanning three generations of a North Wales family in a Welsh-speaking community, Miriam, Daniel and Me is an absorbing and compelling story of family discord, political turmoil, poetry, jealousy…and football.

“…a confidently crafted novel about time, change and enduring love…and the seemingly random decisions that are made and borne by the generations who follow…” – Ed Thomas

The Author

Born in Bangor, Euron Griffith has a Creative Writing MA from the University of Glamorgan. Between 2011 and 2016 he published three novels in Welsh – Dyn Pob Un (about a TV researcher who becomes an accidental serial killer), Leni Tiwdor (about a private eye who is also a record collector), Tri Deg Tri (about a hitman who can talk to animals), and a children’s novel Eilian a’r Eryr. His English language short story collection, The Beatles in Tonypandy appeared in 2017 from Dean Street Press. Griffith lives in Cardiff, where he works as a radio and tv producer and plays in a band. His first novel in English, Miriam, Daniel and Me, is forthcoming from Seren in July 2020.

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The Review

This is a skilfully told tale, of unrequited love, heartbreaks day the what ifs we all think of.

It is set in Wales at a time of unrest, and explores the deeper subjects of religion, children born out of wedlock. It oozes with colourful imagery and prose that will keep you turning the pages. A rich, family saga that gives a varied, believable tale that sinks into you like a warm knife through butter.

I really enjoyed this and if you enjoy true to everyday family sagas, you’re bound to enjoy this.


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2 thoughts on “Miriam, Daniel and Me by Euron Griffith

  1. While you are entitled to your opinion, this is my personal book blog. I do this voluntarily because I enjoy reading and helping authors. I also work and there is only so much time in the day. I do not do spoilers. I suggest if you want something different you follow someone else. I wish you well.


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