Love Like Bleeding out with an empty gun in your head by Stephen J. Golds

The Blurb

This is a collection of stories and poetry that are raw, honest and vividly descriptive.

The Author

Stephen J. Golds was born in North London, U.K, but has lived in Japan for most of his adult life.

He writes primarily in the noir and dirty realism genres and is the poetry editor of Close to the Bone Press. Some of his writing influences are Charles Bukowski, John Fante, James M. Cain, Tobias Wolff and Jim Thompson.

He enjoys spending time with his daughters, reading books, traveling the world, boxing and listening to old Soul LPs. His novels are Say Goodbye When I’m Gone, I’ll Pray When I’m Dying (Red Dog Press) Always the Dead, Poems for Ghosts in Empty Tenement Windows and the story and poetry collection Love Like Bleeding Out With an Empty Gun in Your Hand.

The Review

This is a collection of stories and poetry from Stephen J Golds. It’s in tuns dark, shocking and wistful. There are some vivid scenes and it’s a book that vibrates with honesty and every scene will have you wanting more. A lot of this is the dark noir that I really enjoy. There’s no sugar coating that comes along with any of Steve’s work. I’m glad of that as if you have experienced anything in the world, you know that life certainly isn’t always sweet. That is what I feel he says here. There are lost loves looked for everywhere, death and the absolute gem that got to me most was Brain Scan.

It’s a dark, meaty book that gives all the details and paints perfectly deep dark pictures. If you enjoy your short stories and poetry like this, you’re going to love this. Sweet cute poetry it ain’t.

Would I recommend it? Most definitely. Every single time.

With many thanks to Steve Golds and Close to the bone publishing for asking me to be a part of this and for the advanced reading copy of this book.

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