Oracle by Julie Anderson

Blood calls for blood.

Near the ancient Temple of Apollo, young idealists protest at a European governmental conference. Inside, business lobbyists mingle with lawmakers, seeking profit and influence. Then the charismatic leader of the protest goes missing.

The next day a body is discovered, placed like an offering to the gods. One day later a recent, broken corpse is found at the foot of the cliffs from where blasphemers were once tossed to their deaths.

As a storm closes in and strange lights are seen on the mountain, power at the conference centre is cut off and they are isolated. No one trusts anyone else. Is a killer stalking them? Or are primal forces reaching out from the past? Like the cryptic Oracle of Delphi, Cassandra Fortune must supply the answer before the conference is over.

And before more die.

Justice will be done, but what kind of justice?

The Author

Julie Anderson was a Senior Civil Servant in Westminster and Whitehall for many years, including at the Office for the Deputy Prime Minister, the Inland Revenue and Treasury Solicitors. Earlier publications include historical adventure novels and short stories. She is Chair of Trustees of ClaphamWriters, organisers of the Clapham Book Festival, and curatesevents across London. Find her at


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The Review

This is the second in the series of the adventures of Cassandra Fortune, and it hasn’t lost any of the pace or tension created in the first.

The setting is Delphi and it’s atmospheric and thrilling from the off. It’s a slow burn at the beginning as Cassandra is meant to be recovering from her recent ‘adventures’

That said, if you enjoy a good thriller or murder mystery and haven’t read the previous book in this great series, you can absolutely read this as a stand-alone and then read the first book (Plague if you’re fancying reading it, and I’d recommend this, too!) after.

A really enjoyable book that mixes modern day with myth and really works.

Thanks for the advanced reading copy of this book to the author and publisher.

Published by Books’n’banter

Hi and welcome to my new blog. I’m reading and reviewing the books I read, after a long break I realised just how much I missed reviewing. I’ve been a voracious reader since childhood and I don’t imagine that changing. 
If you would like me to read and review a book you’re bringing out, please feel free to contact me. If it’s not my type of book I won’t waste your time by agreeing. I don’t promise 5 star reviews, and I know authors do appreciate feedback , but I can only promise an honest review. 
 Genres I love include crime, thriller, tartan noir is a stand out favourite. I do also enjoy horror, and other fiction/non fiction as they take my fancy. 
Please feel free to tell me if you have any recommendations for books to read whether they are already out or just about to. Reviews will be published on Twitter and Goodreads. Contact me here on the blog or email me at 
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