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Off Target by Eve Smith

The Blurb

In an all-too-possible near future, when genetic engineering has become the norm for humans, parents are prepared to take incalculable risks to ensure that their babies are perfect – altering genes that may cause illness, and more…
Susan has been trying for a baby for years, and when an impulsive one-night stand makes her dream come true, she’ll do anything to keep her daughter and ensure her husband doesn’t find out … including the unthinkable. She believes her secret is safe. For now.
But as governments embark on a perilous genetic arms race and children around the globe start experiencing a host of distressing symptoms – even taking their
own lives – something truly horrendous is unleashed. Because those children have only one thing in common, and people are starting to ask questions…

The Author

Eve Smith writes speculative fiction – mainly about the things that scare her – which she attributes to a childhood watching Tales of the Unexpected and black-and-white Edgar Allen Poe double bills. Previously COO of an
environmental charity, she has an ongoing passion for wild creatures, wild science and far-flung places. Twitter @evecsmith; Instagram: evesmithauthor; Facebook: EveSmithAuthor and

The Review

This dystopian thriller really is brilliant. I was drawn in to the story immediately and I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I put it down!

If you can ask yourself what you would do if you were desperate for a child of your own, where would you stop? This is set in a near future where anything is possible, or is it? Would you be a human Guinea pig in the quest for a perfect life and a perfect family? You might say no immediately but would you really? I could feel Susan’s desperation and although I wanted her to do the right thing, the sensible thing she didn’t always. And I wouldn’t have expected her to. The book would have been unbelievable had she done so. It’s a book where you can easily start off saying I would never do that. Then as things move on and the story moves apace you start to really sympathise and understand what drives Susan so badly. I felt deeply for her and where you could easily topple into judging her I actually thought but what if? Having some unseen disabilities myself, I was made to think what would happen if that had been me, and my parents were given ‘options’ to eradicate them. This is a brilliant book and I feel these sort of choices aren’t massively far away. I’m glad that Eve Smith unflinchingly addresses them and still writes a believable and very touching story. Bravo!

Eve Smith’s writing is sensitive and realistic, showing how easily we all can hide secrets and maybe even shield ourselves from them. I loved everything about this book and I was actually sad to turn the last page.

With thanks to Anne Cater, Orenda Books and the author for the advanced reading copy of this book.


Published by Books’n’banter

Hi and welcome to my new blog. I’m reading and reviewing the books I read, after a long break I realised just how much I missed reviewing. I’ve been a voracious reader since childhood and I don’t imagine that changing. 
If you would like me to read and review a book you’re bringing out, please feel free to contact me. If it’s not my type of book I won’t waste your time by agreeing. I don’t promise 5 star reviews, and I know authors do appreciate feedback , but I can only promise an honest review. 
 Genres I love include crime, thriller, tartan noir is a stand out favourite. I do also enjoy horror, and other fiction/non fiction as they take my fancy. 
Please feel free to tell me if you have any recommendations for books to read whether they are already out or just about to. Reviews will be published on Twitter and Goodreads. Contact me here on the blog or email me at 
Many thanks 
for visiting! Angi 

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