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The Hammer by R.J. Mitchell

The Blurb

After escaping the clutches of a Glasgow drug lord nicknamed ‘The Widowmaker’, the newly promoted Detective Constable Thoroughgood heads for Manchester. The northern powerhouse is home to two rival gangs: ‘The Maine Men’ and ‘The Devils.  When a drug deal goes wrong and Thoroughgood fails to stop it, a full-scale turf war is ready to take over Manchester — a city split into red and blue halves.

Seconded into an undercover Greater Manchester Police unit under the command of the legendary DCI Marty Ferguson, Thoroughgood soon finds that the drugs war is not the only battle being fought in the city. 

‘The Hammer’ takes Thoroughgood out of the character’s typical Scottish stomping grounds, with 1990s Manchester and a nightmare at the Theatre of Dreams forming the perfect backdrop for Mitchell’s brand of gritty, high-octane crime writing.

Book 6 in Thoroughgood series

An excerpt

The Hammer Excerpt 2

CONSCIOUSNESS RETURNED to Thoroughgood in the form of a pounding cranium and the nickel-iron taste of the blood that had seeped from his head wound down the side of his face and into his mouth.

But that was not all that was in his mouth, for Thoroughgood had been bound and gagged while he’d been unconscious.

As his eyes sought to readjust themselves to the fading February daylight filtering through the rotten, cobweb-wreathed windows of what looked like a kitchen, Thoroughgood tried to take in his surroundings and carry out some sort of appraisal.

Where was he?

He thought back to his arrival at St Serf ’s: the logical answer had to be the old cottage at the north end of the church grounds. The same cottage from which McGrain had demonstrated such lethal accuracy with the F2.

“So where are McGrain and Spider?” asked the voice in his head.

Quite clearly they knew that help in some form would arrive either via Emma’s efforts or the messages he had left, but why leave him here and still alive when McGrain had already worked out he had access to an informant whose intel had led him to The Blood Acre?

“It’s a trap and I’m live bait,” chimed the voice in his head.

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Published by Books’n’banter

Hi and welcome to my new blog. I’m reading and reviewing the books I read, after a long break I realised just how much I missed reviewing. I’ve been a voracious reader since childhood and I don’t imagine that changing. 
If you would like me to read and review a book you’re bringing out, please feel free to contact me. If it’s not my type of book I won’t waste your time by agreeing. I don’t promise 5 star reviews, and I know authors do appreciate feedback , but I can only promise an honest review. 
 Genres I love include crime, thriller, tartan noir is a stand out favourite. I do also enjoy horror, and other fiction/non fiction as they take my fancy. 
Please feel free to tell me if you have any recommendations for books to read whether they are already out or just about to. Reviews will be published on Twitter and Goodreads. Contact me here on the blog or email me at 
Many thanks 
for visiting! Angi 

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