Giants in this Earth by Jo-Anne Blanco

The Blurb WHEN MONSTERS COME TO LIFE…  In the aftermath of Ambrosius’ attack on Tintagel Castle, young Morgan is sent away to the fortress of Dimilioc with her family, friends and tutor. But when bandits ambush their party, Morgan gets lost in the forest with nothing but her wits and her magic powers to relyContinue reading “Giants in this Earth by Jo-Anne Blanco”

There’s only one Danny Garvey by David F. Ross

The Blurb Danny Garvey was a sixteen-year old footballing prodigy. Professional clubs clamoured to sign him, and a glittering future beckoned.   And yet, his early promise remained unfulfilled, and Danny is back home in the tiny village of Barshaw to manage the struggling junior team he once played for. What’s more, he’s hiding aContinue reading “There’s only one Danny Garvey by David F. Ross”

The Dark Room by Sam Blake

The Blurb Hare’s Landing, West Cork. A house full of mystery… Rachel Lambert leaves London afraid for her personal safety and determined to uncover the truth behind the sudden death of a homeless man with links to a country house hotel called Hare’s Landing. New York-based crime reporter Caroline Kelly’s career is threatened by aContinue reading “The Dark Room by Sam Blake”

The Snow and the works on the Northern Line by Ruth Thomas

The Blurb Hidden within the confines of the Royal Institute of Prehistorical Studies, Sybil is happy enough with her work – and her love life. Then to her dismay, her old adversary, assertive and glamorous Helen Hansen, is appointed Head of Trustees. To add insult, Helen promptly seduces Sybil’s boyfriend. Betrayed and broken-hearted, Sybil becomesContinue reading “The Snow and the works on the Northern Line by Ruth Thomas”

The Art of Dying by Ambrose Parry

The Blurb A gripping historical novel of medicine & murder from bestselling author  Chris Brookmyre and consultant anaesthetist Dr Marisa Haetzman,  set in nineteenth-century Edinburgh  Edinburgh, 1849. Hordes of patients are dying all across the city, with doctors finding their remedies powerless. And a campaign seeks to paint Dr James Simpson, pioneer of medical chloroform, as a murderer.  Determined to clear Simpson’sContinue reading “The Art of Dying by Ambrose Parry”

Katharina: Deliverance by Margaret Skea

Katharina: Deliverance: An inspirational coming of age fictional biography of the woman at the heart of the Reformation.  RUNNER-UP Historical Novel Society New Novel Award 2018 At five Katharina is placed in a convent. At twenty-three she escapes. At twenty-five she marries the most controversial man in Europe. This is her story – of courage,Continue reading “Katharina: Deliverance by Margaret Skea”

Stay Mad Sweetheart by Heleen Kist

The Blurb There’s a fine line between innocence and guilt. An even finer line between justice and revenge. Shy and sensible Laura prefers the company of her books to the real world – let alone that cesspit online. But when her best friend Emily becomes the victim of horrific cyberbullying, she makes it her all-engulfingContinue reading “Stay Mad Sweetheart by Heleen Kist”

Lie Beside Me by Gytha Lodge

The Blurb He’s lying next to you. He’s not your husband. He’s not breathing. . . . And it might have been you who killed him. Detective Jonah Sheens is on the trail in this explosive crime novel from the acclaimed author of She Lies in Wait and Watching from the Dark Louise wakes up. Her head aches,Continue reading “Lie Beside Me by Gytha Lodge”

The Boatman’s Wife by Noëlle Harrison

The Blurb Her husband’s death revealed his darkest secret. Will a journey to the west coast of Ireland reveal the truth about the man she married?  When Lily married her soulmate Connor, buffeted by the sea spray and wild winds of her coastal homeland in Maine, she never imagined she’d be planning his memorial just three years later.Continue reading “The Boatman’s Wife by Noëlle Harrison”

Always the Dead by Stephen J. Golds

The Blurb Los Angeles, California. 1949. Scott Kelly is a World War Two Marine veteran and mob hitman confined to a Tuberculosis sanatorium suffering from consumption, flashbacks and nightmares from his experiences of The Battle of Okinawa and a botched hit for Bugsy Siegel. When his movie actress girlfriend disappears, he bribes his way outContinue reading “Always the Dead by Stephen J. Golds”

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