Songs in Ursa Major by Emma Brodie

The year is 1969, and the Bayleen Island Folk Fest is abuzz with one name: Jesse Reid. Tall and soft-spoken, with eyes blue as stone-washed denim, Jesse Reid’s intricate guitar riffs and supple baritone are poised to tip from fame to legend with this one headlining performance. That is, until his motorcycle crashes on theContinue reading “Songs in Ursa Major by Emma Brodie”

Arrowood and the Meeting House Murders by Mick Finlay

London Society takes their problems to Sherlock Holmes. Everyone else goes to Arrowood. ‘Finlay depicts a seedy, desperate London and vivid characters with considerable skill’ The Times Nowhere to hide.London, 1896. As winter grips the city, a group of African travellers seek sanctuary inside the walls of the Quaker Meeting House. They are being huntedContinue reading “Arrowood and the Meeting House Murders by Mick Finlay”

An Act of Love by Carol Drinkwater

The Blurb It was an idyllic summer. Until they had to escape. France, 1943. Forced to flee war ravaged Poland, Sara and her parents are offered refuge in a beautiful but dilapidated house in the French Alps. It seems the perfect hideaway, despite haunting traces of the previous occupants who left in haste. But shadowsContinue reading “An Act of Love by Carol Drinkwater”

The Metal Heart by Caroline Lea

The Blurb The sky is clear, star-stamped and silvered by the waxing gibbous moon. No planes have flown over the islands tonight; no bombs have fallen for over a year. ___________ Orkney, 1940. Five hundred Italian prisoners-of-war arrive to fortify these remote and windswept islands. Resentful islanders are fearful of the enemy in their midst,Continue reading “The Metal Heart by Caroline Lea”

Oracle by Julie Anderson

Blood calls for blood. Near the ancient Temple of Apollo, young idealists protest at a European governmental conference. Inside, business lobbyists mingle with lawmakers, seeking profit and influence. Then the charismatic leader of the protest goes missing. The next day a body is discovered, placed like an offering to the gods. One day later aContinue reading “Oracle by Julie Anderson”

Tarō by Blue Spruell

The Blurb Tarō is the heroic tale of Japan’s legendary boy samurai. Author Blue Spruell reimagines traditional Japanese folklore in a historical fantasy adventure filled with samurai swords, martial arts, and mythical Japanese creatures from old Japan. . . . Lost in the mists of Mount Fuji. But no one can escape destiny. The yearContinue reading “Tarō by Blue Spruell”

Cunning Women by Elizabeth Lee

The Blurb 1620s Lancashire. Away from the village lies a small hamlet, abandoned since the Plague, where only one family dwells amongst its ruins. Young Sarah Haworth, her mother, brother and little sister Annie are a family of outcasts by day and the recipients of visitors by night. They are cunning folk: the villagers willContinue reading “Cunning Women by Elizabeth Lee”

Bobby March will live forever by Alan Parks

The Blurb WHO IS TO BLAME WHEN NO ONE IS INNOCENT?  There’s a heatwave in Glasgow and the drugs trade is booming. The whole force is searching for missing thirteen-year-old Alice Kelly. All except Harry McCoy, who has been taken off the case after a run-in with the boss, and is instead sent alone toContinue reading “Bobby March will live forever by Alan Parks”

The Art of Dying by Ambrose Parry

The Blurb A gripping historical novel of medicine & murder from bestselling author  Chris Brookmyre and consultant anaesthetist Dr Marisa Haetzman,  set in nineteenth-century Edinburgh  Edinburgh, 1849. Hordes of patients are dying all across the city, with doctors finding their remedies powerless. And a campaign seeks to paint Dr James Simpson, pioneer of medical chloroform, as a murderer.  Determined to clear Simpson’sContinue reading “The Art of Dying by Ambrose Parry”

Katharina: Deliverance by Margaret Skea

Katharina: Deliverance: An inspirational coming of age fictional biography of the woman at the heart of the Reformation.  RUNNER-UP Historical Novel Society New Novel Award 2018 At five Katharina is placed in a convent. At twenty-three she escapes. At twenty-five she marries the most controversial man in Europe. This is her story – of courage,Continue reading “Katharina: Deliverance by Margaret Skea”

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