Burying the Newspaper Man by Curtis Ippolito

The Blurb A dead body. A dark past. An ordinary man with everything to lose.  Marcus Kemp is a regular beat cop living a normal life in San Diego, California. Until the day he makes a shocking discovery: a dead body in the trunk of a stolen car. Worse, the victim turns out to be the manContinue reading “Burying the Newspaper Man by Curtis Ippolito”

Bobby March will live forever by Alan Parks

The Blurb WHO IS TO BLAME WHEN NO ONE IS INNOCENT?  There’s a heatwave in Glasgow and the drugs trade is booming. The whole force is searching for missing thirteen-year-old Alice Kelly. All except Harry McCoy, who has been taken off the case after a run-in with the boss, and is instead sent alone toContinue reading “Bobby March will live forever by Alan Parks”

Deity by Matt Wesolowski

The Blurb When pop megastar Zach Crystal dies in a fire at his remote mansion, his mysterious demise rips open the bitter divide between those who adored his music and his endless charity work, and those who viewed him as a despicable predator, who manipulated and abused young and vulnerable girls. Online journalist, Scott King,Continue reading “Deity by Matt Wesolowski”

Smoke Screen by Thomas Enger and Jørn Lier Horst

The Blurb Oslo, New Year’s Eve. The annual firework celebration is rocked by an explosion and the city is put on terrorist alert. Police officer Alexander Blix and blogger Emma Ramm are on the scene, and when a severely injured survivor is pulled from the icy harbour, she is identified as the mother of two-year-oldContinue reading “Smoke Screen by Thomas Enger and Jørn Lier Horst”

Transference by John Bowie **Cover Reveal**

The Blurb   ‘BRUTAL, DARK AND LYRICAL MANC NOIR’   As clubbers in Manchester’s most notorious club partied hard in the 90s, a girl collapsed, falling from the stage after a bad pill. Few noticed. Those that did, didn’t care – lost in a hedonistic haze. John Black, an ex-SAS soldier, who was working securityContinue reading “Transference by John Bowie **Cover Reveal**”

Corpse Road by David J Gatward

The Blurb To catch the hunter, become the prey. When the body of a female backpacker is found on the Yorkshire moors, the killer seems obvious, the motive clear. If only. Because Grimm and his team are up against not just a murderer, but a predator, and when the key suspect disappears, it’s only aContinue reading “Corpse Road by David J Gatward”

The Art of Dying by Ambrose Parry

The Blurb A gripping historical novel of medicine & murder from bestselling author  Chris Brookmyre and consultant anaesthetist Dr Marisa Haetzman,  set in nineteenth-century Edinburgh  Edinburgh, 1849. Hordes of patients are dying all across the city, with doctors finding their remedies powerless. And a campaign seeks to paint Dr James Simpson, pioneer of medical chloroform, as a murderer.  Determined to clear Simpson’sContinue reading “The Art of Dying by Ambrose Parry”

Always the Dead by Stephen J. Golds

The Blurb Los Angeles, California. 1949. Scott Kelly is a World War Two Marine veteran and mob hitman confined to a Tuberculosis sanatorium suffering from consumption, flashbacks and nightmares from his experiences of The Battle of Okinawa and a botched hit for Bugsy Siegel. When his movie actress girlfriend disappears, he bribes his way outContinue reading “Always the Dead by Stephen J. Golds”

Winterkill by Ragnar Jónasson

Easter weekend is approaching, and snow is gently falling in Siglufjörður, the northernmost town in Iceland, as crowds of tourists arrive to visit the majestic ski slopes. Ari Thór Arason is now a police inspector, but he’s separated from his girlfriend, who lives in Sweden with their three-year-old son. A family reunion is planned forContinue reading “Winterkill by Ragnar Jónasson”

Banking on Murder by J.D. Whitelaw

The Blurb Martha Parker runs a small private detective agency in Glasgow with her two sisters, Helen and Geri. They specialise in catching cheating partners and those playing away from home.  The Parkers are hired by the reclusive wife of a wealthy banker she suspects is breaking their vows, but when he shows up murdered, it’s upContinue reading “Banking on Murder by J.D. Whitelaw”

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