Sins of the Father by Sharon Bairden

The Blurb Lucas Findlay thinks he has struck gold when he marries Rebecca, but she married him for one reason only – to destroy him. Trauma runs deep When her past comes back to haunt her, Rebecca begins to disconnect from herself and the world around her. As secrets are unearthed, she begins to fearContinue reading “Sins of the Father by Sharon Bairden”

The Failsafe Query by Michael Jenkins

The Failsafe Query (Sean Richardson #1) by Michael Jenkins #TheFailsafeQuery @FailsafeQuery @damppebbles #damppebblesblogtours  The Blurb: ‘Some secrets were meant to be buried forever. Until now.’  Sean Richardson, a disgraced former intelligence agent, is tasked to lead a team to search for a British intelligence officer on the cusp of exposing thousands of secrets to the media.Continue reading “The Failsafe Query by Michael Jenkins”

Whispers in the Dark by Chris McDonald

The Blurb Small time drug dealer, Marcus Stone and DCI Clive Burston had never met until one night in August. By the end of that night, both had been shot dead in a small bedroom in the heart of gang territory. DI Erika Piper is called to the scene but is at a loss toContinue reading “Whispers in the Dark by Chris McDonald”

The Chalet by Catherine Cooper

The Blurb Four friends. One luxury getaway. The perfect murder.‘Pure adrenaline’ ERIN KELLY‘I was gripped from start to finish’ CASS GREEN French Alps, 1998 Two young men ski into a blizzard… but only one returns. 20 years later Four people connected to the missing man find themselves in that same resort. Each has a secret. Two may have bloodContinue reading “The Chalet by Catherine Cooper”

The Running Wolf by Helen Steadman

The Blurb When a Prussian smuggler is imprisoned in Morpeth Gaol in the winter of 1703, why does Queen Anne’s powerful right-hand man, The Earl of Nottingham, take such a keen interest? At the end of the turbulent 17th century, the ties that bind men are fraying, turning neighbour against neighbour, friend against friend andContinue reading “The Running Wolf by Helen Steadman”

The Nesting by C J Cooke

The Blurb The grieving widower. The motherless daughters. A beautiful house in the woods. And a nanny come to save the day…. So what if Lexi isn’t telling the truth about who she is? Escaping to the remote snows of Norway was her lifeline. And all she wanted was to be a part of theirContinue reading “The Nesting by C J Cooke”

The Ancestor by Lee Matthew Goldberg

The Blurb A man wakes up in present-day Alaskan wilderness with no idea who he is, nothing on him save an empty journal with the date 1898 and a mirror. He sees another man hunting nearby, astounded that they look exactly alike except for his own beard. After following this other man home, he witnessesContinue reading “The Ancestor by Lee Matthew Goldberg”

Bad Debt by William McIntyre

The Blurb There’s no such thing as a safe bet…. Robbie Munro defends the accused and his wife Joanna prosecutes, so they take different views of the law. But now, Joanna is being stalked by a witness in a critical case. When the stalker ends up dead, Robbie is charged with murder. His friends areContinue reading “Bad Debt by William McIntyre”

Betrayal by Lilja Sigurdardóttir

The Blurb Burned out and traumatised by her horrifying experiences around the world, aid worker Úrsula has returned to Iceland. Unable to settle, she accepts a high-profile government role in which she hopes to make a difference again. But on her first day in the post, Úrsula promises to help a mother seeking justice forContinue reading “Betrayal by Lilja Sigurdardóttir”

The Thriller Collection by Alan Gorevan

The Blurb An unmissable collection for fans of fast-paced reads. Three action-packed books in a single volume.  The Forbidden Room: You and your partner are looking forward to a romantic break in the rugged landscape of West Cork, on the south west coast of Ireland. Cliff walks, seafood dinners and spectacular views of the AtlanticContinue reading “The Thriller Collection by Alan Gorevan”

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